RecallMax 2019 Winter Promotion

Get a 90 Day FREE Trial of RecallMax Until December 31, 2019!!

*Training and Set up dates must be booked before December 31st, 2019. This means a practice can register now but start using Max in the New Year!


When a practice books a demo to see RecallMax before December 31st, we will donate $50 on their behalf to The Shoebox Project.

A bit about The Shoebox Project:

The Shoebox Project is a non-religious, unaffiliated charity, based on the values of equality, diversity and respect for all. They are a Canadian charity that distributes gifts across Canada. The Shoeboxes are distributed to women who are homeless or at risk – women in emergency shelters, shelters for victims of abuse, and a wide range of community support service locations such as drop-ins and transitional/supportive housing for women living with a variety of challenges.  

If you have any questions about the donation or the promotion please let me know. The Promotion can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ button below.