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A woman remembering her dental appointment due to a recall system put into place by the dental practice.

Why Is a Recall System So Important to a Dental Practice?

Let’s be honest; it can be hard to get your patients coming back for their routine appointments. And as dental industry experts, we can’t say we’re surprised – about 36% of patients have dental anxiety, an issue that keeps patients from attending their appointments and possibly leading to further oral health issues. Add in outdated […]

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A businesswoman working on her laptop in the office with a lock icon symbolizing security as a virtual display above the keyboard

How to Make Sure Your Dental Practice Follows Privacy Laws (HIPAA & PIPEDA)

Whether you are a practice owner or office administrator, your patient’s privacy has to be kept to a high standard. In today’s world, privacy has never been more important. Patients are trusting your practice to keep their medical and personal information safe.  The HIPAA and PIPEDA are both laws responsible for keeping patient’s information protected […]

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A dentist builds a warm relationship with a new patient as a way to boost patient volume

10 Ways to Increase Patient Volume in Your Dental Practice

When you love working directly with patients, it can be easy to let the patient growth pieces of your dental practice slip down your daily to-do list.  By taking a thoughtful strategic approach to how to recall, attract, and build relationships with your clients, you can feel confident that you’ll hit your growth targets. Here […]

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