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The Power of Influence

Every action has consequences and influences the attitudes of those around us, whether they are co-workers or patients. Each staff member plays a critical role, and their attitude, communication style, and behaviour either contributes or detracts from a successful work environment and the realization of collective goals. An effective leader realizes this and leads by […]

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The Importance of Staff Meetings

Regularly scheduled staff meetings are essential to maintaining the effective day to day operations of a dental practice as well as provide for the ongoing development of a dental practice.  Staff meetings provide an essential forum for problem-solving and correcting day to day operational problems which are impossible to address during the course of an […]

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Recall System Management – The Unsung Hero Of Dental Practice Performance

About 20 years ago, I realized the attention we had placed on recall system management was not only contributing to hygiene department growth – it was also contributing to dentist chair productivity as well. I came to understand that recall system effectiveness directly contributed to overall dental practice performance and played a key role in […]

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