Dentist explaining x-rays to a patient using good communication

The Keys to Effective Communication in Dentistry

RecallMax is all about helping you improve your patient experience. While the actual physical care you provide for your patients is one of the most important things you will do as a dentist, it’s also important to create a well-communicated experience for your patients every time you interact with them. Patients are drawn not only […]

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Couple booking their next appointment.

Why & When to Send Reminders to Dental Patients

Here’s a little bit of math for you: patients equal money. It’s shocking, we know, but this is something that rings true for all dental practitioners. However, most revenue isn’t made from new patients; it’s made from your regular ones. In fact, 82% of all practice revenue comes from recall (repeat) patients, making them extremely […]

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smiling dental patient at the reception desk

The Ultimate Guide to Patient Retention for Dental Practices

First Impressions Are Key Making a lasting positive first impression can go a long way with patients, as friendly and efficient care can turn an uncomfortable experience at least mildly enjoyable. The first impression can be a phone call, email, or face-to-face visit.  The secret is in being available to have that first impression. Patients […]

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