ADSO 2019

  • Where:
  • 1500 Masters Blvd Championsgate, FL 33896 United States
  • When:
  • September 26
  • Who:
  • Josh and Jeff

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Meet with us & we’ll show you how you can boost your network revenue by 20%!

Our organization has a combined century of real world, dental practice management experience. Couple that with the fastest growing Patient Recall Software application for individual and group practices in North America, and it only makes sense to stop by for a visit.

If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that enhancing recall represents the single greatest opportunity for revenue growth across multiple-locations. Implementing an efficient recall system results in fuller operatories, higher staff productivity, and improved patient retention. And, all of that starts with providing the necessary automation to get your location working to achieve the same goals.

RecallMax™ was designed to meet the specific needs of practices by offering a completely automated and centralized solution for recall that results in unprecedented productivity enhancement. That combined with laser focused analytics, provides you with the ability to set goals, measure recall performance, and establish accountability. Single location, group and DSO practices on our system typically see:

  • 15%-20% growth in practice revenue
  • 90% improvement in patient engagement
  • 33% decrease in due & late patients

Let’s Strategize – Free Network Analysis!

Uncover the true potential of your network. Our team will put together a straightforward, accurate analysis of the hygiene and recall revenues sitting in your charts by connecting to your servers and extracting the hidden revenue gains in each location. No smoke, no mirrors, just raw potential. Our free Network Analysis includes $2,995 worth of analytical services without any obligation or commitment. Schedule your strategy session now and we can dive into your network analysis during the ADSO event.