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Leadership and Self Management are Synonymous


Great leadership leads to greater freedom and personal satisfaction, as well as greater responsibility. To demonstrate leadership and self-management in a dental workplace is vital that practice owners:

  • Maintain high expectations of themselves and others, and meet the standards that they set for themselves and others. If your staff do not see you modelling the standards and positive attributes that you expect from them, they are more likely to act based on your behaviour than your words.
  • Model consistency and follow through on their word. If you commit to doing something, you must follow through and stick to your word. Going back on your word may damage your relationship with your team and lead to strife.
  • Acknowledge their own mistakes and work to correct them. No one is perfect, and admitting to your mistakes and working to correct them fosters an environment where everyone takes responsibility for their mistakes and acts with integrity.
  • Act honestly and responsibility when addressing issues or concerns. If you do not act with honesty, you cannot expect your team to do so.
  • Accept personal responsibility for their conduct and influence within the workplace. If you make a mistake, you need to own up to it to earn and keep your team’s respect.

By following these tenants, a practice owner can have a real and powerful impact on the overall success of their practice. However, these attributes do not just appear out of nowhere. They must be cultivated, both within ourselves and within our team members. The success of the practice depends on how well the owner can cultivate and display these positive attributes and set a good example for the rest of the team.

“The most dangerous myth about leadership is that leaders are born. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”
– Warren Bennis

Written by Josh Muir

Director of DSOs & Special Markets

Before he began at RecallMax, Josh worked as a director of practice management at a large Canadian DSO. As a senior leader, Josh has always focused on the development of the people and clients around him. With over 15 years of leadership at virtually every level of management, Josh has learned the essential qualities that motivate and inspire those he is responsible for and accountable to.

Josh has a preternatural ability to understand key financial levers and the behaviours that influence them. While he works to optimize efficiency, Josh never fails to prioritize service vale, regardless of the situation.

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