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RecallMax™ Enterprise

Perfect for Group Practices & DSOs

If you’re managing multiple practices, you know one thing: getting patients to return on time for regular hygiene and recall appointments is a challenge. The more practices you have, the bigger the challenge and the greater the losses in patients and revenues.

RecallMax™ Enterprise centralizes recall across all of your locations and uses our proven automation to retain your patients and keep them in your schedule. RecallMax™ Enterprise helps you find and access your network’s untapped revenue potential, offering leverage for your practice acquisition investments.

Our Industry-Leading Recall Solution With No Contracts

We know how effective our system is. That’s why we work with you on a month-to-month basis. You’ll never have to sign a long-term contract, and you’re never stuck with us if you don’t want to be. We know that once you try RecallMax™ Enterprise, you’ll be just as excited about it as we are.

RecallMax™ Enterprise is so much more than just patient reminder software. Your RecallMax™ Enterprise subscription entitles you all sorts of features to help you take full advantage of the power of recall, including:

  • Multi-practice online Enterprise Dashboard
  • Free Unlimited training
  • Staff performance insights
  • KPI Trending & Sorting
  • Unlimited Ongoing Support
  • Live Chat
  • Full Access to RecallMax™ Academy, which offers:
    • Personal Coaching
    • Weekly Webinars
    • Online Video Library
    • Exclusive Offers & Events
    • …and more
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RecallMax™ Enterprise Full Features & Details

RecallMax entire feature set is integrated into your existing scheduling platform, no more visiting websites or monitoring inboxes. Why have a bunch of cool features if you don’t use them? Onscreen equals use, use equals results.

Monitor your practice’s success with an access-anywhere, cloud-based dashboard giving you the insights that matter most.

Take the difficulty out of recall, treatment plan tracking, patient follow-up and so much more by allowing Max, your personal assistant, to guide the way at each workstation. No more manual labour; every minute is well spent with RecallMax.

Pre-scripted, customizable call coaching help your staff communicate effectively and courteously with your patients.

Alert your patients via email or text when they’re due or late for their hygiene or recall needs. You choose the schedule, time of day, preferred communication method and so much more.

Help your patients make every appointment with reminder messages by text message or email. We’ll automatically change the appointment’s status in real time in your appointment book once your patient confirms.

A common area of loss for any practice is unfulfilled collections. RecallMax alerts key staff when collections are due so you can capture all revenues owed to you.

Keep your schedule full by replacing last-minute cancellations with waiting patients. Target only the patients that qualify for the opening, send an alert, and wait for the phone to ring. It’s that simple.

Ever think about all those patients that aren’t being sent recall reminders? Or what about the ones that do get a message but don’t respond? RecallMax automatically finds and sorts all of your recall patients, no list printing or searching required.

As patients are being dismissed, RecallMax will remind staff to collect their email address and cell phone number, and even schedule their next appointment.

Your patients can choose the method of communication that works best for them, including live text chat, integrated email, auto text, and auto email. They can also opt-in and out of surveys, Happy Birthday messages, and practice newsletters.

RecallMax finds and displays any recommended treatment plans that have not been booked within an adjustable time period. You get to keep your appointment book full, increase case acceptance, and reduce patient loss.

New patients can request appointments directly through RecallMax. Even after hours, we keep the appointment requests coming in.

We send customizable survey requests to your patients post-visit. You’ll be able to monitor their feedback. We can also prompt patients to leave feedback on Google Reviews, RateMDs, your practice Facebook page and more.

Keep your patients informed about practice news; the templates are customizable, and the possibilities endless.

Show your patients that you see them as more than just a set of teeth.

Consider your practice’s back door closed. You’ll never lose an active patient again; we guarantee it.

Consistent effort and strategy across multiple locations are key to recall success. Our RecallMax Enterprise Dashboard allows you to track recall coordinators’ activities across multiple locations in one view.

There are 100s of data points in our dashboards, but our KPI Trends keep you in the know with very little effort. Use key metrics like pre-appointing percentages, unscheduled patients, due & late patients, missed/cancelled appointments, and more to sort practices by best performance in a single click.

Everything recall related you’ll ever need to know about all of your locations is visible on one easy to interpret, easy to sort enterprise dashboard. Make complex reporting a thing of the past.

Proven to Brighten Smiles


Consistently full schedules & healthier patients.

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Office Managers

Improve recall efficiency & staff productivity.

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Office Administrators

Spend less time on monotonous and repetitive tasks.

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Group Practices & DSOs

Centralize recall across multiple locations for maximum results.

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Thousands of North American Practices.
Millions of Patients. One Comprehensive Solution.
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