The Power of Recall for Groups & DSOs

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Consistency & Profitability Across Your Practices

If our history in dentistry has taught us anything, it’s that recall is the greatest opportunity for practice growth. But in multi-location scenarios, it can be very difficult to capitalize on what’s available. Implementing a better recall system means fuller operatories, higher staff productivity, and improved patient retention. And all of that starts with all your locations working together to achieve the same goals

RecallMax™ caters to DSOs by offering unprecedented practice visibility. You’ll have access to comparative data for each location, allowing you to measure and evaluate recall performance, set goals, and establish accountability. Practices that introduce RecallMax™ typically see a 15-20% increase in revenue in the first year alone.

Harness Leading Software & Implement Proven Practices

RecallMax™ goes beyond improving patient engagement and keeping operatories full. We provide you with the unique ability to pinpoint growth opportunities. By monitoring performance by location, you’ll have the necessary insight to make more effective systemic, personnel, or product decisions. Centralizing your recall ensures consistency and quality across each location for the highest level of profitability.

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Investing in new technology is only half the battle, what about implementing it? Aligning multiple locations to a common goal or routine is more than challenging. When you invest in RecallMax Enterprise, you also gain access to our RecallMax Academy. A team of people that help with everything from implementation to continuing education and coaching. Now that’s going above and beyond to help you maximize your potential.

For Practices of Every Size & Complexity

The needs of a one-dentist practice are very different from the needs of a DSO. We’ve developed different plans to suit the individual needs of your practice, no matter how big your patient base, how many doctors onsite, or how many locations you have.

Nothing is too big, too small, too complicated, or too simple for RecallMax™.

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