The Power of Recall for Practice Owners

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The Right Kind of Recall Taps Into Your Practice’s Potential

An effective recall solution means patients never fall through the cracks. RecallMax™ helps keep your patients engaged and on schedule, so your chairs stay full, your patients stay healthy, and your practice continues to flourish.

Grow Your Practice Without Searching for New Patients

Patient recall is the quickest way to grow your practice. In fact, 82% of practice revenue stems from your recall system. With our proven recall strategy, you’ll reduce your number of due and late patients, keep your schedule full, and bring in revenue without the additional cost of marketing to new patients.

With fewer due or late patients, and fewer cancelled or missed appointments, your practice benefits from happier and healthier patients, as well as a more productive staff. And of course, with such a high standard of care and communication, the positive online reviews will likely start rolling in.

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We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

We get it, you want to be mastering your craft, not spending hours managing numbers and staff. RecallMax will give you key business insights with the push of a button. See how your staff are performing and find out which levers to pull to maximize your practice’s performance. RecallMax gives you practical information to help you run your practice, and a team of people behind it.

For Practices of Every Size & Complexity

The needs of a one-dentist practice are very different from the needs of a DSO. We’ve developed different plans to suit the individual needs of your practice, no matter how big your patient base, how many doctors onsite, or how many locations you have.

Nothing is too big, too small, too complicated, or too simple for RecallMax™.

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How Is Your Practice Really Peforming?

Find out through a free recall health check.

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