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The Importance of Staff Meetings


Regularly scheduled staff meetings are essential to maintaining the effective day to day operations of a dental practice as well as provide for the ongoing development of a dental practice. 

Staff meetings provide an essential forum for problem-solving and correcting day to day operational problems which are impossible to address during the course of an ordinary day.  The ongoing correction of problem areas is essential to:

  • Maintaining high standards of patient treatment, service and care
  • Maintaining high standards of teamwork and communication

Staff meetings also provide the opportunity to work on the development of practice systems free from day to day operating pressures. Taking time out of your team’s busy day allows them to really focus on the task at hand, provide thoughtful and insightful feedback, and develop more effective systems.

Developing effective systems also requires that teams follow planning, decision making and change management processes to incorporate change effectively. Staff meetings also allow your team to provide you with feedback on changes and brainstorm solutions.

Written by Josh Muir

Director of DSOs & Special Markets

Before he began at RecallMax, Josh worked as a director of practice management at a large Canadian DSO. As a senior leader, Josh has always focused on the development of the people and clients around him. With over 15 years of leadership at virtually every level of management, Josh has learned the essential qualities that motivate and inspire those he is responsible for and accountable to.

Josh has a preternatural ability to understand key financial levers and the behaviours that influence them. While he works to optimize efficiency, Josh never fails to prioritize service vale, regardless of the situation.

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