The Herd

The Power of Influence


Every action has consequences and influences the attitudes of those around us, whether they are co-workers or patients. Each staff member plays a critical role, and their attitude, communication style, and behaviour either contributes or detracts from a successful work environment and the realization of collective goals.

An effective leader realizes this and leads by example, working hard to cultivate a healthy and productive work environment where all staff members know that they need to accept personal responsibility for the quality of their work and their work relationships and remain mindful of their conduct. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to either the success or detriment of the practice. There is no such thing as a neutral action. 

Leadership and self-management are synonymous. Practicing the attributes of leadership leads to greater personal freedom and satisfaction for all staff members. When leaders practise positive leadership, they also set an example and let their team know how they should conduct themselves and approach their work. If management does not practice what they preach, then their words are likely to fall upon deaf ears.

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it’s the only thing.” 
– Albert Schweitzer

Written by Josh Muir

Director of DSOs & Special Markets

Before he began at RecallMax, Josh worked as a director of practice management at a large Canadian DSO. As a senior leader, Josh has always focused on the development of the people and clients around him. With over 15 years of leadership at virtually every level of management, Josh has learned the essential qualities that motivate and inspire those he is responsible for and accountable to.

Josh has a preternatural ability to understand key financial levers and the behaviours that influence them. While he works to optimize efficiency, Josh never fails to prioritize service vale, regardless of the situation.

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